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Microsoft Azure Authentication Provider

The Backstage core-plugin-api package comes with a Microsoft authentication provider that can authenticate users using Azure OAuth.

Create an App Registration on Azure

To support Azure authentication, you must create an App Registration:

  1. Log in to the Azure Portal
  2. Create an Active Directory Tenant, if one does not yet exist
  3. Navigate to Azure Active Directory > App Registrations
  4. Register an application
    • Name: Backstage (or your custom app name)
    • Redirect URI: Web > http://localhost:7007/api/auth/microsoft/handler/frame
  5. Navigate to Certificates & secrets > New client secret to create a secret


The provider configuration can then be added to your app-config.yaml under the root auth configuration:

environment: development

The Microsoft provider is a structure with three configuration keys:

  • clientId: Application (client) ID, found on App Registration > Overview
  • clientSecret: Secret, found on App Registration > Certificates & secrets
  • tenantId: Directory (tenant) ID, found on App Registration > Overview

Outbound Network Access

If your environment has restrictions on outgoing access (e.g. through firewall rules), make sure your Backstage backend has access to the following hosts:

  •, to get and exchange authorization codes and access tokens
  •, to fetch user profile information (as seen in this source code). If this host is unreachable, users may see an Authentication failed, failed to fetch user profile error when they attempt to log in.

Adding the provider to the Backstage frontend

To add the provider to the frontend, add the microsoftAuthApiRef reference and SignInPage component as shown in Adding the provider to the sign-in page.