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Intro to plugins

Backstage is a single-page application composed of a set of plugins.

Our goal for the plugin ecosystem is that the definition of a plugin is flexible enough to allow you to expose pretty much any kind of infrastructure or software development tool as a plugin in Backstage. By following strong design guidelines we ensure the overall user experience stays consistent between plugins.


Creating a plugin

To create a plugin, follow the steps outlined here.

Suggesting a plugin

If you start developing a plugin that you aim to release as open source, we suggest that you create a new Issue in the community plugins repo. This helps the community know what plugins are in development.

You can also use this process if you have an idea for a good plugin but you hope that someone else will pick up the work.

Integrate into the Software Catalog

If your plugin isn't supposed to live as a standalone page, but rather needs to be presented as a part of a Software Catalog (e.g. a separate tab or a card on an "Overview" tab), then check out the instruction on how to do it.