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Backstage Search

What is it?

Backstage Search lets you find the right information you are looking for in the Backstage ecosystem.


  • A search that lets you bring your own search engine.
  • A search that lets you extend it by creating collators for easily indexing content from plugins and other sources.
  • A search that lets you create composable search page experiences.
  • A search that lets you customize the look and feel of each search result.

See the more detailed architecture and tech stack.

Project roadmap

No current plans. Check Backstage issues labeled search for community-led ideas and initiatives.


The following sections show the plugins and search engines currently supported by Backstage Search.

PluginSupport Status
Software Catalog
Stack Overflow

Search engines

See Backstage Search Architecture to get an overview of how the search engines are used.

Search EnginesSupport Status
PostgresCommunity ✅

Reach out to us if you want to chat about support for more plugin integrations and search engines.

Get involved

For any questions, feedback, or to help move search forward, reach out to us in the #search channel of our Discord chatroom.