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GitLab Authentication Provider

The Backstage core-plugin-api package comes with a GitLab authentication provider that can authenticate users using GitLab OAuth.

Create an OAuth App on GitLab

To support GitLab authentication, you must create an Application from the GitLab settings. The Redirect URI should point to your Backstage backend auth handler.

  1. Set Application Name to backstage-dev or something along those lines.
  2. The Authorization Callback URL should match the redirect URI set in Backstage.
    1. Set this to http://localhost:7007/api/auth/gitlab/handler/frame for local development.
    2. Set this to http://{APP_FQDN}:{APP_BACKEND_PORT}/api/auth/gitlab/handler/frame for non-local deployments.
    3. Select the following scopes from the list:
      • read_user Grants read-only access to the authenticated user's profile through the /user API endpoint, which includes username, public email, and full name. Also grants access to read-only API endpoints under /users.
      • read_repository Grants read-only access to repositories on private projects using Git-over-HTTP (not using the API).
      • write_repository Grants read-write access to repositories on private projects using Git-over-HTTP (not using the API).
      • openid Grants permission to authenticate with GitLab using OpenID Connect. Also gives read-only access to the user's profile and group memberships.
      • profile Grants read-only access to the user's profile data using OpenID Connect.
      • email Grants read-only access to the user's primary email address using OpenID Connect.


The provider configuration can then be added to your app-config.yaml under the root auth configuration:

environment: development
## uncomment if using self-hosted GitLab
# audience:
## uncomment if using a custom redirect URI
# callbackUrl: https://${BASE_URL}/api/auth/gitlab/handler/frame

The GitLab provider is a structure with three configuration keys:

  • clientId: The Application ID that you generated on GitLab, e.g. 4928c033ab3d592845c044a653bc20583baf84f2e67b954c6fdb32a532ab76c9
  • clientSecret: The Application secret
  • audience (optional): The base URL for the self-hosted GitLab instance, e.g.
  • callbackUrl (optional): The URL matching the Redirect URI registered when creating your GitLab OAuth App, e.g. https://$backstage.acme.corp/api/auth/gitlab/handler/frame Note: Due to a peculiarity with GitLab OAuth, ensure there is no trailing / after 'frame' in the URL.

Adding the provider to the Backstage frontend

To add the provider to the frontend, add the gitlabAuthApi reference and SignInPage component as shown in Adding the provider to the sign-in page.