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Deploying with Koyeb

This guide explains how to deploy Backstage to Koyeb, a serverless platform that provides the fastest way to deploy applications globally. Koyeb supports git-driven and container-based deployments.

Before you begin, make sure you have a Koyeb account to follow this guide.

Configuring the CLI

First, install the Koyeb CLI and follow the instructions in the quickstart guide to login.

Then, configure your app-config.yaml with your baseUrl:

# Should be the same as backend.baseUrl when using the `app-backend` plugin
baseUrl: https://<your-app>

baseUrl: https://<your-app>
# The $PORT environment variable is a feature of Koyeb
port: ${PORT}

Push and deploy Backstage to Koyeb

Push your Backstage application with its Dockerfile to Koyeb using the following command:

koyeb app init example-backstage \
--git-branch main \
--ports 8000:http \
--routes /:8000 \
--env PORT=8000

Your application will be built and deployed to Koyeb. Once the build has finished, you will be able to access your application running on Koyeb by clicking the URL ending with

Congratulations! Now you should have Backstage up and running! 🎉