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Architecture Decision Records (ADR)

The substantial architecture decisions made in the Backstage project live here. For more information about ADRs, when to write them, and why, please see this blog post.

Records are never deleted but can be marked as superseded by new decisions or deprecated.

Records should be stored under the architecture-decisions directory.


Creating an ADR

  • Copy docs/architecture-decisions/ to docs/architecture-decisions/ (my-decision should be descriptive. Do not assign an ADR number.)
  • Fill in the ADR following the guidelines in the template
  • Submit a pull request
  • Address and integrate feedback from the community
  • Eventually, assign a number
  • Add the path of the ADR to the microsite sidebar in sidebars.json
  • Add the path of the ADR to the mkdocs.yml
  • Merge the pull request

Superseding an ADR

If an ADR supersedes an older ADR then the status of the older ADR is changed to "superseded by ADR-XXXX", and links to the new ADR.