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Deploying Backstage

Backstage provides tooling to build Docker images, but can be deployed with or without Docker on many different infrastructures. The best way to deploy Backstage is in the same way you deploy other software at your organization.

This documentation shows common examples that may be useful when deploying Backstage for the first time, or for those without established deployment practices.


The easiest way to explore Backstage is to visit the live demo site.

At Spotify, we deploy software generally by:

  1. Building a Docker image
  2. Storing the Docker image on a container registry
  3. Referencing the image in a Kubernetes Deployment YAML
  4. Applying that Deployment to a Kubernetes cluster

This method is covered in Building a Docker image and Deploying with Kubernetes.

There is also an example of deploying on Heroku, which only requires the first two steps.

There is also a contrib guide to deploying Backstage with AWS Fargate and Aurora PostgreSQL.

Please consider contributing other deployment guides if you get Backstage set up on common infrastructure, it would be a great benefit to the community.

If you need to run Backstage behind a corporate proxy, this contributed guide may help.