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ADR012: Use Luxon.toLocaleString and date/time presets


User's locales will have their own style of reading dates. It's counter intuitive to not have dates formatted in their familiar formats, it can cause users to have to think harder about what the date is and could even lead to interpreting dates incorrectly (e.g. 05/03/2021, this could be March 5th or May 3rd, depending on where the user is). At the moment, plugins are defining dates and times using custom formats and the toFormat method, which leads to inconsistent and unfamiliar formats.


To keep the UI consistent and familiar to users, irrespective of their location, we have decided that we use toLocaleString and Luxon's extensive list of Date and Time presets.

Here is an example:

const date = new luxon.DateTime();

/* Avoid this: */
date.toFormat('yyyy LLL dd'); // 2014 Aug 06
date.toFormat('yyyy LLL dd hh:mm'); // 2014 Aug 06 12:01

/* Do this instead: */
date.toLocaleString(luxon.DateTime.DATE_MED); // US: Oct 14, 1983 | FR: 14 oct. 1983
date.toLocaleString(luxon.DateTime.DATETIME_MED); // US: Oct 14, 1983, 9:30 | FR: 14 oct. 1983 9:30


  • We will need to audit the current places Date/Times are being displayed in the UI and update them to follow this ADR.
  • We will need to keep in mind for reviewing PRs going forward to follow this ADR, or find/create a linting rule to automate this in the review process.