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Google Cloud Storage Locations

The Backstage catalog can import entities from a yaml file stored in a GCS (Google Cloud Storage) bucket. To enable the ingestion of said entities the GoogleGcs integration must be enabled first.


To configure the integration add the appropriate credentials to the Backstage backend. There are two main ways to do this: by explicitly setting a clientEmail and a privateKey or by letting the Google Storage SDK discover the credentials automatically.

Explicit credentials

Explicit credentials can be set in the following format:

clientEmail: ${GCS_CLIENT_EMAIL}
privateKey: ${GCS_PRIVATE_KEY}

Then make sure the environment variables GCS_CLIENT_EMAIL and GCS_PRIVATE_KEY are set when you run Backstage.

Automatic discovery of Google credentials

Since this integration uses the Google Storage SDK, you can also choose to not provide any explicit credentials and let the SDK discover them automatically.

Please note that for this method to work you must add an empty googleGcs object to the integrations section in app-config.yaml.

googleGcs: {}

One of these discovery methods is to provide an environment variable called GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS and set it to the file path of your JSON service account key.

For more details and methods to provide credentials to the Google Storage SDK you can check this documentation page.


To use this integration to import entities from a GCS bucket go to the Google console and browse the file you would like to import. Then copy the Authenticated URL and paste it into the text box in the register component form. This URL should look like<bucket>/<path>/catalog-info.yaml.