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GitLab Locations

The GitLab integration supports loading catalog entities from or a self-hosted GitLab. Entities can be added to static catalog configuration, or registered with the catalog-import plugin.

- host:
token: ${GITLAB_TOKEN}

Note: A public GitLab provider is added automatically at startup for convenience, so you only need to list it if you want to supply a token.

Directly under the gitlab key is a list of provider configurations, where you can list the GitLab providers you want to fetch data from. Each entry is a structure with up to four elements:

  • host: The host of the GitLab instance, e.g.
  • token (optional): An authentication token as expected by GitLab. The token need at least api, read_repository and write_repository scopes. If this is not supplied, anonymous access will be used.
  • apiBaseUrl (optional): The URL of the GitLab API. For self-hosted installations, it is commonly at https://<host>/api/v4. For, this configuration is not needed as it can be inferred.
  • baseUrl (optional): The base URL for this provider, e.g. If this is not provided, it is assumed to be https://{host}.