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Gitea Locations

The Gitea integration supports loading catalog entities from a hosted repository. Entities can be added to static catalog configuration, registered with the catalog-import plugin.


To use this integration, add configuration to your root app-config.yaml:

- host:
password: ${GITEA_TOKEN}
- host:
username: ${GITEA_USERNAME}
password: ${GITEA_PASSWORD}

Directly under the gitea key is a list of provider configurations, where you can list the Gitea instances you want to be able to fetch data from. Each entry is a structure with up to four elements:

  • host: The host of the gitea instance that you want to match on.
  • baseUrl (optional): Needed if the Gitea instance is not reachable at the base of the host option (e.g. This is the address that you would open in a browser.
  • username (optional): The gitea username to use in API requests.
  • password (optional): The password or api token to authenticate with.

You may supply only the password field, if authenticating via API access tokens (generated in Settings > Applications).