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Gerrit Locations

The Gerrit integration supports loading catalog entities from Gerrit hosted gits. Entities can be added to static catalog configuration, or registered with the catalog-import plugin.


To use this integration, add at least one Gerrit configuration to your root app-config.yaml:

- host:
username: ${GERRIT_USERNAME}
password: ${GERRIT_PASSWORD}

Directly under the gerrit key is a list of provider configurations, where you can list the Gerrit instances you want to fetch data from. Each entry is a structure with up to six elements:

  • host: The host of the Gerrit instance, e.g.
  • baseUrl (optional): Needed if the Gerrit instance is not reachable at the base of the host option (e.g. set the address here. This is the address that you would open in a browser.
  • cloneUrl (optional): The base URL for HTTP clones. Will default to baseUrl if not set. The address used to clone a repo is the cloneUrl plus the repo name.
  • gitilesBaseUrl (optional): This is needed for creating a valid user-friendly URL that can be used for browsing the content of the provider. If not set a default value will be created in the same way as the baseUrl option. There is no requirement to have Gitiles for the Backstage Gerrit integration but without it some links in the Backstage UI will be broken.
  • username (optional): The Gerrit username to use in API requests. If neither a username nor password are supplied, anonymous access will be used.
  • password (optional): The password or http token for the Gerrit user.