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Datadog RUM Installation

Datadog Real User Monitoring (RUM) allows you to visualize and analyze the real-time performance and user journeys of your application's individual users. This is an option to profile and monitor the user experience of your Backstage installation.

There is a basic Datadog RUM integration built into Backstage. You can enable it by adding the following to your app-config.yaml:

clientToken: '123456789'
applicationId: qwerty
# site:
# env: 'staging'
# sessionSampleRate: 100
# sessionReplaySampleRate: 0

If your app-config.yaml file does not have this configuration, you may have to adjust your packages/app/public/index.html to include the Datadog RUM init() section manually.

The clientToken and applicationId are generated from the Datadog RUM page following these instructions.

There are two optional arguments:

  • site: The Datadog site of your organization; defaults to
  • env: The application environment for Datadog events (no default)