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These are the release notes for the v1.27.0 release of Backstage.

A huge thanks to the whole team of maintainers and contributors as well as the amazing Backstage Community for the hard work in getting this release developed and done.


Backend System Deprecations

As part of the work towards a stable 1.0 release of the new backend system, we will deprecate and move or remove several utilities from @backstage/backend-common. This release contains a few of these deprecations, with more to be expected in the future. The long-term goal is to completely deprecate and remove the @backstage/backend-common package.

Hierarchical Domains

The Backstage System Model has been tweaked with the addition of a hierarchy of Domain entities. The change includes a new spec.subdomainOf property on the Domain entity, which can be used to express that a domain has a partOf (and conversely, hasPart) relation toward another domain.

Contributed by @dawngerpony and @janogonzalez in #17125.

Scaffolder workspace serialization

Added experimental support for serialization of workspaces in the scaffolder. By serializing the workspace, it is possible to re-run the task in a non-sticky way. This means that the task can be restored and retried on a different scaffolder task worker.

To enable this feature, set the EXPERIMENTAL_workspaceSerialization option to true in the scaffolder section of the app-config.yaml file:

EXPERIMENTAL_workspaceSerialization: true

Contributed by @acierto in #24570.

Scaffolder notification:send action

The new notification:send action allows sending notifications from templates. This can be used to send notifications to users when executing a template. Please note that the notifications system is still under development.

To install this action, add the new module to your backend:

+ backend.add(import('@backstage/plugin-scaffolder-backend-module-notifications'));

Contributed by @drodil in #24588.

Backend Authentication

The requirement to configure a secret for backend authentication in production has been removed. It is now only needed if you rely on the legacy authentication mechanism. If you don’t configure any secrets you will also not be able to generate tokens with the TokenManager service, although use of this service is discouraged as it has been replaced by the AuthService.

User Authentication

The auth backend plugin now provides an authOwnershipResolutionExtensionPoint that lets you override the default ownership resolution used by sign-in resolvers. This allows you to customize this logic for all sign-in resolvers without replacing them.

Contributed by @drodil in #22765.

Events support for GitLab Entity and Org Discovery

The GitlabDiscoveryEntityProvider and GitlabOrgDiscoveryEntityProvider can now be configured to receive events from GitLab. This allows for the automatic discovery of entities in Backstage when groups or users are created or updated in GitLab.

Contributed by @elaine-mattos in #23373.

Security Fixes

This release does not contain any security fixes.

Upgrade path

We recommend that you keep your Backstage project up to date with this latest release. For more guidance on how to upgrade, check out the documentation for keeping Backstage updated.

Below you can find a list of links and references to help you learn about and start using this new release.

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