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These are the release notes for the v1.12.0 release of Backstage.

A huge thanks to the whole team of maintainers and contributors as well as the amazing Backstage Community for the hard work in getting this release developed and done.


This release mostly contains a bunch of smaller additions and bug fixes, but on top of that, there’s also some quality of life improvements and features as listed below. Enjoy!

Using zod for action definitions

As a convenience, it is now possible to define your action inputs and outputs as zod schemas. This tends to be more convenient than writing JSON schema by hand, and gives you instant type feedback in your editor.

Added by @zcason in #15561

Reading paginated data from the catalog

The catalog has a new backend endpoint and corresponding client method, for fetching entities with proper cursor based pagination and server side filtering and ordering. This will be used to target performance hot-spots in the frontend and elsewhere.

Added by @vinzscam in #12246

As we settle the new backend system bit by bit, we have renamed a number of exports from individual plugins, to match the new recommended naming patterns. If you are already leveraging the new backend system, you may find that you need to update some imports. For example, githubEntityProviderCatalogModule was renamed to catalogModuleGithubEntityProvider. These were considered non-breaking since they are still in alpha. More details can be found in #16760 and #16764.

New plugin: catalog-backend puppetdb module

Added a catalogModulePuppetDbEntityProvider alpha export for the new backend system. Contributed by @tdabasinskas in #16184

New plugin: Octopus deploy

Octopus deployment plugin. Contributed by @jmezach in #16353

New plugin: StackStorm

Integration with StackStorm. Contributed by @pamelin in #16152

Security Fixes

This release does not contain any security fixes.

Upgrade path

We recommend that you keep your Backstage project up to date with this latest release. For more guidance on how to upgrade, check out the documentation for keeping Backstage updated.

Below you can find a list of links and references to help you learn about and start using this new release.

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