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An isomorphic client for the catalog backend


CatalogClientA frontend and backend compatible client for communicating with the Backstage software catalog.


CatalogApiA client for interacting with the Backstage software catalog through its API.
CatalogRequestOptionsOptions you can pass into a catalog request for additional information.
GetEntitiesByRefsRequestThe request type for CatalogClient.getEntitiesByRefs().
GetEntitiesByRefsResponseThe response type for CatalogClient.getEntitiesByRefs().
GetEntitiesRequestThe request type for CatalogClient.getEntities().
GetEntitiesResponseThe response type for CatalogClient.getEntities().
GetEntityAncestorsRequestThe request type for CatalogClient.getEntityAncestors().
GetEntityAncestorsResponseThe response type for CatalogClient.getEntityAncestors().
GetEntityFacetsRequestThe request type for CatalogClient.getEntityFacets().
GetEntityFacetsResponseThe response type for CatalogClient.getEntityFacets().


CATALOG_FILTER_EXISTSThis symbol can be used in place of a value when passed to filters in e.g. CatalogClient.getEntities(), to signify that you want to filter on the presence of that key no matter what its value is.
ENTITY_STATUS_CATALOG_PROCESSING_TYPEThe entity status.items[].type for the status of the processing engine in regards to an entity.

Type Aliases

Type AliasDescription
AddLocationRequestThe request type for CatalogClient.addLocation().
AddLocationResponseThe response type for CatalogClient.addLocation().
EntityFieldsQueryA set of dot-separated paths into an entity's keys, showing what parts of an entity to include in a response, and excluding all others.
EntityFilterQueryA key-value based filter expression for entities.
EntityOrderQueryDot-separated field based ordering directives, controlling the sort order of the output entities.
Location_2Entity location for a specific entity.
QueryEntitiesCursorRequestA request type for CatalogClient.queryEntities(). The method takes this type in a pagination request, following the initial request.

A request type for CatalogClient.queryEntities(). The method takes this type in an initial pagination request, when requesting the first batch of entities.

The properties filter, sortField, query and sortFieldOrder, are going to be immutable for the entire lifecycle of the following requests.

QueryEntitiesRequestThe request type for CatalogClient.queryEntities().
QueryEntitiesResponseThe response type for CatalogClient.queryEntities().
ValidateEntityResponseThe response type for CatalogClient.validateEntity()