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Backstage Glossary

The Backstage Glossary lists all the terms, abbreviations, and phrases used in Backstage, together with their explanations. We encourage you to use the terminology below for clarity and consistency when discussing Backstage.

Authentication Glossary

This page directs to the terms and phrases related to authentication and identity section of Backstage.

Backstage User Profiles

There are three main user profiles for Backstage: the integrator, the contributor, and the software engineer.

IntegratorThe integrator hosts the Backstage app and configures which plugins are available to use in the app.
ContributorThe contributor adds functionality to the app by writing plugins.
Software EngineerThe software engineer uses the app's functionality and interacts with its plugins. In practice, this profile covers the various roles that help deliver software, from the Software Engineer themselves, to Designers, Data Scientists, Product Owners, Engineering Managers, etc.